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Support the Triple Cross Alaska Team!

From Micanopy, Florida


Support the Triple Cross Alaska Team!

The Church at Triple Cross team is headed back to Echo Ranch Bible Camp in off-grid Alaska! But this time, they’ll be serving at camp for much much longer. ERBC is run by full-time Christian youth camp missionaries and volunteers from around the country. They serve nearly 1000 youth, ages 8-18 over the summer, with 70% of the youth never having heard the Gospel. Expressions of faith are seen, heard, and experienced throughout their camp week. They get to hear the Gospel, study God’s Word, and worship daily. With trained volunteer camp counselors, it is a safe place to ask questions about Christ and what it means to follow him.

As volunteers, we do a variety of things to support the daily operations: laundry, cooking, building, repairing, various program implementation, videography, even some cleaning here and there. But, yes, there’s a lot of fun too as we bring youth together for games, s’mores around a campfire, trail rides, fishing, and crafts.

Please prayerfully consider joining these dedicated team members on their missions journey to reach kids in Southeast Alaska for Christ. Your prayer is the most important - it fuels everything! Your encouragement makes a difference! And your donations make it happen!

The Johnston Family: April - October

Robyn Freisen: April - October

RD Skelton: 3 weeks in August

Grace Pagh: 3 weeks in August

Sharon Graham: 3 weeks in August

Lori Jones: 1 week in August

Peyton Woodard: 1 week in August

Ellie Routh: 1 week in August

Kailee Ausley: 1 week in August

Breely Yeomans: 1 week in August

Triple Cross campers and other volunteers: TBD